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The river of life

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Letting God be the captain of your boat

The river of life is curiously beautiful and precious. It is full of wonder, but also rather murky and mysterious. At times it flows with vigor and twists with unexpected turns. At other times it moves with a slow monotonous and meandering drift. Life is also very fleeting and is gone in a flash. Like a slow glowing sunset that is suddenly gone in a flash, leaving us with only a memory of what was … or is there hope of another sunset? Or many sunsets? Hope makes life beautiful and meaningfull, provided it is true. But hope in what? Where does this river come from and where does it go? How do we navigate the currents of life and not just get caught in other peoples flow? Why are we here? Is someone actually in control? Learning to ask meaningful questions is important and consequential if we are going to be be able to see that stars in the dark of night.

I am convinced that meaningful answers to these kinds of questions are found in Jesus Christ. But you have to dig a little. You have to stop and think. You have to digest and extract the nutrients. Some questions only have partial answers on this side of the great beyond but the pure gold that comes from mining the fathomless deapths of Jesus Christ makes for a great journey of discovery and the priviledge getting to know the one Person who made it all. May our hearts be filled with awe an wonder and we gaze into the face of God.